The largest cladding installation companies in Egypt 2024

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Saudi American Cladding

The best cladding installation companies in Egypt “Saudi American Cladding” is a name that means confidence in the field Installing Cladding Panels Major companies in Egypt, contact us now at 01141615429, a special offer and discounts that will not be repeated. Take advantage of the opportunity and contact us now. “Kings of Cladding in Egypt”.

Install cladding facades in Egypt 2024

Cladding has now become one of the most prominent decorative trends due to its light weight, heat insulation and fire resistance, in addition to its elegant and modern appearance, and among its most important advantages is its low cost and speed of installation.

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Technical Specifications

Cladding panels are used in cladding the facades of buildings and houses because they are heat-insulating and fire-resistant, in addition to many other features such as the multiplicity of colors and drawings that reach fifty colors and patterns, in addition to that the method of installation is very easy and simple.

This is because our company provides you with the best cladding installation technicians for shops, building facades, institutions, and large and small companies. The cladding is installed as follows:< /span>

Tubes measuring 2 x 4 and 2 mm thick, made of aluminum or iron, shall be installed with 10 mm nails and iron corners 5 x 5 and 5 mm thick. Workers are careful not to have any joints between the panels in order to increase their strength and hardness.

Cladding panels are suitable for many types of modern construction processes, such as brickwork, metal structures, and prefabricated houses. They are also suitable for old buildings and energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings.

It is distinguished by its durability and high hardness, in addition to what it gives to the buildings of a prominent and attractive decorative luster due to the multiplicity and harmony of its colors.

Fire Resistant Cladding

Cladding has now become one of the innovative ways to resist fire, as the two aluminum strips resist fires for a period ranging from 2 to 3 continuous hours. When a fire occurs in the building, no dripping occurs, which works to prevent the spread of the fire.

Also, it does not produce any smoke because the smoke produced when the fire reaches the walls and cladding increases the strength of the fire, in addition to that the cladding when the fire is ignited is indivisible, but it shrinks, and this is strong evidence of the quality and efficiency of the materials used in its manufacture.

Fire-resistant cladding is also a good heat insulator, and excellent resistance to red sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

Specifications of Cladding Panels

Thickness: The thickness of the cladding panels ranges between 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

Width: The width of the aluminum layer ranges between 1220mm and 1250mm.

Aluminum layer thickness: 0,50mm.

Cladding prices per meter

Dear customers, the Saudi American Company now provides you with the best cladding panels in Egypt at the lowest and cheapest prices … We supply aluminum panels (cladding) to all governorates of Egypt (Cairo – Giza – Alexandria, …) and the cladding that the company provides you with has special features , which is as follows :

  • The cladding panels are made of polyethylene, which helps in the rolling and rolling process without causing any breakage or scratching during installation.
  • The paints used are among the best types of paints at all, such as PVDF paint and  NANO paint. The paint is applied in 3 layers, which works to close any pores on the panels and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on them.
  • More than fifty colors are always available for customers so that each customer can find the color that suits him.
  • The finest raw materials are used in the outer cover of the product, and this is what distinguishes us from others.
  • The company also provides you with cladding panels that are resistant to fire and heat, and their resistance increases from two to three hours.

Saudi American Company offers you the best facade cladding prices, affordable prices, suitable for the efficiency and quality of the product, rely on God first and then on me Alko Bond Company – American Saudi Secondly; You will find everything you need with us, God willing.

Modern facade cladding

Cladding has now spread significantly in Egypt in shops, companies, buildings, and facilities. Due to what it adds of an elegant and modern aesthetic appearance to companies, shops and buildings, in addition to that it has many other advantages that we cannot limit in one article.

But before addressing the advantages of cladding, what is cladding, and what is it made of? Follow along with us to get to know everything that goes on in your mind about cladding.

 ? What is cladding

It is a number of aluminum plates distinguished by their light weight and their high ability to isolate the external heat from the facilities and buildings. Between them is a filling with a high-quality chemical material, and this material is often made of polyethylene, or the filling is a mixture of insulating chemicals; Which gives the cladding panels the ability to resist fires.

Characteristics of cladding facades, the latest facades

Cladding is characterized by a number of features that made many large and medium stores use it to change the shapes and destinations of their stores from the simple form to the new, modern form that attracts many customers and customers, the most important and prominent of these features:

  • The cladding has a variety of distinctive colors, modern and modern colors that increase the beauty of the storefronts, as the number of its colors exceeded more than one hundred colors, and the reason for this is that the aluminum panels allow you to paint them, that is, any customer can paint them with the color he wants in every way Ease and obtain the shape that he dreams of, and the place grabs everyone’s attention.
  • The cladding panels provide you with definite protection for the place from the spread of any fire in the place, because the cladding is covered with a layer of foil panels on all sides, which does not help in ignition and works to quickly suppress the fire.
  • The cladding performs thermal insulation because its panels contain a filling of a chemical substance that completely isolates the heat from the facades and buildings, as well as protection from harmful sunlight.
  • Easy to form and cut, which gives you the opportunity to shape it as you wish.

Modern wooden cladding

The wooden cladding has special features that make it stand out from the rest of the cladding types. The wooden cladding can be cleaned easily with just a little water, and the reason for this is that the outer surface of the cladding panels is covered with layers of a special chemical such as plastic, for example, which prevents it from being easily damaged.

Wooden cladding is also characterized by a long shelf life because these panels are covered with a layer of foil, from all sides, so the colored surface is not exposed to any damage when installing or storing it, as well as the prices of wooden cladding are suitable for everyone.

Cladding companies in Egypt

There are many companies that produce and manufacture cladding panels in Egypt, but the Saudi American Company is considered, thanks to God, to be one of the best cladding companies in Egypt, the company produces cladding with modern designs A special, high-quality, creative luster, in a variety of colors.

The company uses the latest technological methods and modern technologies in the manufacture of cladding panels, which are used in the cladding of facilities, shops and homes, which provides you with privacy, safety, and preventing the transmission of sound from the inside to the outside, in addition to that it guarantees you complete thermal insulation, and prevents the spread of It is fire retardant and prevents air leakage, in addition to its ability to facilitate and flexible winding of kiladine.

Cladding can also be used in alumetal kitchens due to its many colors and extreme flexibility. It can be formed, for example, as a triangle of geometric shapes, meaning that you can use cladding panels in many things, as the uses of cladding are many and varied.

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